Phases of the Moon for Early Education

This is a Montessori inspired unit study to help children ages 2 – 6+ learn why the shape of the moon seems to change.

Our goal for the phases of the moon lesson plans is to make homeschooling simple for parents, accessible for varying learning levels and affordable.

For support lessons read our moon themed lessons post covering art, music, reading and writing, science experiments and mathematics.

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Materials for Learning about Moon Phases


Phases of the Moon Digital Download pack:

or make your own by downloading the Free Moon Phases coloring sheet by Superstar worksheets.

  • Print 2 copies
  • Color both
  • Cut out the moon shapes on ONE sheet as sequencing cards and keep the other sheet as the control.


Begin by reading books about the moon. We will be reading:

  • A Big Mooncake for Little Star by Grace Lin
  • Papa, Can You Please Get The Moon For Me by Eric Carle
  • Margaret and The Moon by Dean Robbins

If you have a great moon book to share, we would love to hear it!

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Moon Phases Lessons


Use the Moon Phase Chart (control sheet) to visualize the position of the earth, sun and moon.

Place an earth figure (or what you have on hand to represent earth) in the center of the control sheet. 

If you prefer to make your own painting rocks is a great alternative to an earth and moon figurine.

  • Place a flashlight (or use the light on your phone) where the sun is.
  • Show the child how the moon revolves around the earth.
  • Carefully observe where the light hits the moon.

Moon Diagram:

  • Use the sun and earth print out
  • Use the moon images from the 3 part cards
  • Recreate the Moon Phase Chart (control sheet) using your earth and sun figures.

Moon Calendar:

3 Part Cards

Matching Game Level 1: Sequencing

  • Use the control sheet to show the position of the earth, sun and moon
  • Set out 3 part cards with names
  • Set out the picture cards without names
  • Child will match the correct moon images
  • *Title tags are not used

Matching Game Level 2

  • Use the control sheet to show the position of the earth, sun and moon
  • Set out the picture cards without names
  • Child will match title tag to the correct moon image
  • May use a reference book (or control sheet)

Montessori Key Principle

A key principle to Montessori homeschooling is creating a prepared environment. Setting your child up to be self-sufficient and successful.

Just as we like having a clean, defined work space – so do children. Designate a work space with a clutter-free shelf at the child’s height where materials can be easily seen and accessed.

Present the “how” and then fade into the background. Do not interrupt the child’s concentration and allow them to learn from real world feedback.

I promise you are already doing more than you know. Homeschooling and working from home is possible and the Montessori Method is a great place to start.

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