How to Start

The main goal when starting homeschool is to introduce your children to a newly prepared environment and to introduce ourselves in a different role, as the teacher.

For this reason we recommend to begin with the care of self. 

Care of self is one of the three areas of Family work, known as Practical Life in Montessori Schools. 

Practical life is considered the single most important area of a Montessori education at any age. 

The following text is paraphrased from the 2009-2010 edition of The Joyful Child:

Human beings of all ages want to be able to communicate with others, to challenge themselves, to do important work, and to contribute to society. This is human nature at its best.

This desire is especially strong during the time when the child who has been observing all kinds of important activity going on around her has finally mastered the mental and physical skills to stand up, walk, use her hands, and participate in real work.

A child learns self-control, and develops a healthy self-image if the work is real—washing fruits and vegetables, setting or clearing a table, washing dishes, watering plants, watering the garden, sorting, folding, and putting away laundry, sweeping, dusting, helping in the garden, any of the daily work of her family.

Allowing the child to participate in the life they see going on around them is an act of great respect for, and confidence in, the child.

It helps the child to feel important to themselves and to those around them.

They are needed.

We have been working over the summer on preparing an environment that allows our children to fully participate in the life they see going on around them. 

“. . . but I know happiness does not come with things.

It can come from work and pride in what you do. “

Mahtma Gandhi

Care of self activities do so much more than help the child gain independence – it lays a neurological foundation for advanced skills involving coordination, concentration, abstract thinking, and overall executive function.

All things we need to develop for a successful school year and into adulthood. 

Demonstrating a balance in life, that taking care of yourself is a good and important thing.

Care of Self for Parents

The working parent does not always have the time to include the child in everything and should not feel bad about this. 

We must be easy on ourselves in the home and plan a time when we will really enjoy working together.

Success may come slowly in the beginning, as we learn how to “follow the child.”

It is helpful to begin with one thing.

Inviting the child to place napkins on the table in preparation for a meal, the next time napkins and silverware, little by little taking over.

Have patience and grace with yourself and enjoy this time learning and growing together.

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