5 Senses Games for Kids: Preschool – Kindergarten

To support our care of self and adjusting to our new school/home environment we will be learning about how our bodies work.

Beginning with our five senses as a means of understanding ourselves and connection to our environment (introduction to mindfulness.)

We always introduce new lessons by reading books on the topic a few days – a week in advance.

This provides the kids with a solid understanding of the vocabulary so they can truly enjoy the games and lesson plans.

For the 5 senses lesson we will begin by reading “Science/Let’s Read and Find Out Series: My Five Senses,” by Aliki.

potato head 5 senses game in white text to the right of Mr Potato Head on a light purple background

Mr. Potato Head 5 Senses Game


  1. A Potato Head for each player
  2. 5 Senses Spinner

Making a 5 Senses Spinner

  1. Print out the spinner template and cut around the edge.
    • Card stock will be sure it lasts at least through a game.
  2. Cut out an arrow.
  3. Attach with a metal fastener so that the arrow spins.


Take turns spinning the spinner, selecting a potato head accessory that matches the sense the spinner landed on, and putting the accessory on their Potato Head in any available space. 

Once spaces are filled the game has ended.

Share your potato head creations on IG and tag @maedaymontessori – we are so excited to see them!

introduction to anatomy in white text to the right of Mr Potato Head on a light purple background

Introduction to Anatomy

Most early learning curriculums will focus on one sense per week.

There are a ton of Montessori sensorial activities and fun games to play with your children, like making scented play-dough, playing ISpy and singing “head, shoulders, knees and toes.”

For children interested in knowing the why and how things work, join us in studying the sense of hearing by deep diving into the anatomy of the ear.

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